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Success story from David Jennings, Coldwell Banker

About a year ago I noticed Dirk Dahl was using these riders in the Whitfield Estates area.  He and I have pretty similar business models so I asked him about them.  He was quite satisfied but you know how the “day to day” goes…I never pursued the technology.

So, when it was introduced to our office I knew exactly what it was and immediately put up about 5 or 6 as a test.

One Saturday morning when I was opening up a house for a later showing I rec’d an e mail that someone had just called on a Patterson Drive listing.  Being behind the wheel and only a few blocks away I decided to drive by and see if they were still there.

A Mini Cooper was sitting out front so I pulled up along side of the car in the opposite direction.  I kept my distance so as not to alarm anyone.  I rolled down my window and held up my Blackberry.  This woman rolled her window down and I said…”Excuse me but I am testing out this new technology and I am wondering how long ago you called that toll free number?”

She replied “OMG!  Less than 60 seconds ago and I am looking at these pictures right now!”  I think she could see the sincere delight in my face which probably dispelled any thought I was a stalking her.

Anyway, making a long story short…we talked for a couple minutes car to car.  Then we took a look at the house she was calling on.  After determining it was not right, we went off to see another.

She is back home now which is 3 hours away but still shopping.  I have set up an electronic search profile for her and we have talked regularly over the past two weeks.

We wrote one offer which did not result in an executed contract but I fully expect to see her in a contract by late March which is her most desired time frame.

If she did not have the opportunity of making that call I expect she would have spent the morning writing addresses down only to go back home in the afternoon and spend the evening searching  This way, she actually saw a few houses and met an area expert further qualifying the neighborhood.

David Jennings, Broker-Associate
Coldwell Banker

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Get ready for the year of mobile marketing!

I came across an interesting article with some great statistics and predictions about mobile marketing this year:

Mobile marketing spend to increase 59pc in 2011: study by Giselle Tsirulnik

From the article:

“The study found that a whopping 88 percent of brand marketers will use mobile marketing techniques in 2011. Seventy-five percent plan to increase their spend on mobile marketing initiatives by an average of 59 percent. In 2010, 62 percent of marketers used some form of mobile marketing for their brands.”

Mobile marketing is becoming an every day part of all our lives.  We are constantly surrounded by mobile devices, and so are our customers.  What are you doing in 2011 to increase the frequency and effectiveness of your mobile marketing efforts?

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