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“[Virtual Agent] put a nice size check in my pocket”

Stephen Greenidge, Coldwell Banker:

I set an appointment to meet with a FSBO for a $500,000 listing. They had met with several agents already, so when I met with them they had already heard all of the “Traditional Marketing” techniques that agents use. But when I told them about CB Mobile Connect their eyes just lit up. They were so fascinated by the technology and how different it was that they gave me the listing. It sold in 26 days and I put a nice size check in my pocket.

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The future of mobile apps and the mobile web

Here’s a great article that discusses the mobile web experience, the flaw in current enterprise app development strategies, and where things are headed in the future:

Mobile Web Users Are Ready For Enterprise Development

There are several major operating systems on smart phones. A robust app campaign involves developing a separate app for each of these.  Needless to say, this is extremely expensive and time-consuming.  However, with smart phones becoming so advanced and more and more devices becoming HTML 5 ready, the author sees a huge shift in this development process.  By creating a mobile web app, enterprises can develop “a device-agnostic mobile Web experience.”

Read the article for some great examples of the many problems facing enterprise mobile strategies and how he believes this can be tamed by looking to the future and adopting the new emerging standards.

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“SMS is dominant mobile marketing vehicle”

Good article from Mobile Marketer about the important role text messaging plays in mobile marketing:

SMS is dominant mobile marketing vehicle: Epsilon exec

A few highlights:

  • “SMS will remain the dominant marketing channel in mobile even as more advanced technologies crowd the space”
  • “Mobile can be easily integrated into email, print and Web site campaigns by using a mobile messaging campaign to connect all of these mediums to single or multiple promotions.”
  • “… there are numerous ways to use the SMS platform to engage and excite customers. Some examples include alerts and reminder programs, loyalty programs for special giveaways and coupons, direct text to screen used at large events to drive audience participation, and location-based messaging.”

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Good article on successful marketing strategies

Here is an excellent article from Mobile Marketer on successful marketing strategies:
Mobile video ads perform 100 times better than online video ads: iVdopia

Some key points:

Why/how should a brand integrate mobile advertising into its 360-degree marketing strategy?
A successful marketing strategy includes a mix of marketing mediums or channels to be considered.

However, studies have shown that the combination of mediums or multichannel communications has proven to be very successful.

However, I will say that mobile advertising is proving to be an extremely effective advertising medium, allowing portability and giving users the ability to interact and experience the “depth” of the brand like no other medium can while allowing them to share their positive experiences with others.

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