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I encouraged her to take a [Virtual Agent] sign with her to use in her presentation. She wound up getting the listing.

Brianne Hill, Marketing Coordinator, Coldwell Banker:

As I mentioned before, I had an agent who was going to a listing presentation the next day for a couple that was interviewing four agents from different companies. I encouraged her to take a Coldwell banker connect sign with her to use in her presentation. She wound up getting the listing. I definitely believe that a part of that was her ability to show how tech savvy Coldwell banker is and how we’re on top of the market.

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I am working on a loan RIGHT now that came from [Virtual Agent]

Mark Wright, Axiom Financial, LLC:

Hey Guys

Just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know that I am working on a loan RIGHT now that came from CB Connect.  I was thinking of you as I am working on it.  Of course it is not closed yet, but clients thought that there was no way they could get a house, little did they know that they have great credit and we get them a Utah Housing loan for first time home buyers with no money down!!

Anyways, just thought I would share the word! This tool works we just have to be patient sometimes I guess!!!


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The future of Real Estate

From an article in USA Today, October 1, 2009 issue regarding technology and how it has brought dramatic changes to the way we choose to communicate:

We Facebook, Tweet, Skype and yes, we Text. Boy, do we text. Text messages rose from 10 billion in 2005 to 110 billion in 2008. That’s 100 billion more text in just three years.

What a powerful stat telling us how people wish to communicate via text. This leads me to why real estate agents should utilize the power of texts in their everyday business. Virtual Agent provides texts to buyers’ cell phones in a cost effective way. Buyers want to know the price of a home before they’re ready to talk to an agent or make an appointment to go through the home. All the potential buyer has to do is call or text in and enter a code and Virtual Agent will send them an instant text notifying them of price, number of bedroom, bathrooms and a link to view inside photos of the home. As real time leads come in off their 800 number sign riders, agents will also have the ability to send out text message blasts to all their captured leads notifying the buyer of price reductions or other incentives to entice them to call for an appointment by the click of a button. This saves time and money for both the agent and potential buyer.

Virtual Agent is the future of real estate! Can you say “no more flyers?”  Thousands of real estate agents across the country have.

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