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[Virtual Agent] is an amazing tool for both realtors and loan officers

Mark Wright—Loan Officer, Axiom Financial, LLC:

Coldwell Banker Connect is an amazing tool for both realtors and loan officers. I have had a lot of success with this new technology. Most people want an easy and comfortable home buying experience and how convenient that they can get most this information upfront via text. I have had a lot of opportunities to reach out to clients just by the touch of my cell phone.

The other great thing about CB Connect / Virtual Agent is that it has enabled me to better my relationships with my realtor partners. It is nice to know that we are both getting the same leads and are working together. For example, I had an actionable lead come over; I had them preapproved while the clients were still sitting in their cars at the home. I called the realtor who had the home listed and gave them the info. They happened to be out of town and had no idea that the lead came over. When I emailed the real estate agent a preapproval letter and said here is a client for you, they were ecstatic!! This client currently is searching for properties and will hopefully close soon. This tool works and I am so excited to see how it will help my business grow.

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