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Virtual Agent & Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – Utah

We’ve worked hard to create new white label capabilities for our clients.  Here is the latest accomplishment from my team.  Our friends in Utah are off and running with a fully customized, white labeled version of Virtual Agent.

Here is an excerpt from the press release.  To read the entire article, visit

Sandy, UT, March 07, 2009 –(– Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Utah’s leading provider of real estate services, announced today that it is pioneering a new marketing platform that delivers property information—text descriptions, photos and video—instantly to a consumer’s cell phone or mobile device.

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This is the best add-on to my business in my 12 year career

Linda Davis, Prudential Utah Real Estate

My first experience with Virtual Agent was actually a test before I signed up. I was able to get my hands on a sign and take it on a listing presentation where I was competing with 5 other agents. After viewing the home I explained to the seller that most all agents do the same thing to get a home sold, flyers, mls, tours, web pages, there was really nothing to differentiate agents aside from personality and experience.

However I had found a new tool that would allow me to stay in touch with potential buyers instead of sending them off with a flyer and having no communication with them for the future events of selling a home, like price reductions, open houses etc… After demonstrating the virtual agent I was still a little unsure of its potential as a listing tool as the seller said they had one more interview that was already promised for the following Saturday night.

Well sat came and went Sunday came and went and on Monday morning the seller called me and said that they were so impressed that I had something different to offer that they wanted me to list the property. Needless to say I hurried into the office and called the rep to sign me up. This is the best add-on to my business in my 12 year career.  Thanks Virtual Agent …

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What’s New With Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent adds Virtual Tours to our already industry leading technology! How would you like to able to send virtual tours of all of your listings out to cells phones? Take a demo by calling 866-831-8621, when prompted select property code 123.

One thing about real estate is technology seems to impact our business quickly.

We have been marketing VA all across the country, and one thing I can say is that when you see this, you’re going to love it! When we first started marketing VA we would laugh at how agents would react, because they were so funny. They would say, “oh my gosh! That’s the coolest thing I‘ve ever seen!”.

Last week an agent with Coldwell Banker was so blown away, he said he can’t stop talking about it, and while he was at dinner with friends he had them all take out their cell phones and try the Virtual Agent system. He said the friends asked if he sold this product? He said, “no, I just think it’s so cool!”

Latter on this same agent said to me, “ you know when those friends of mine think about selling their houses, who do you think will come to mind? An agent who utilizes the latest in technologies.”

I’ve been in the real estate industry as an agent, a broker, a principal broker and a company owner for over 18 years and I don’t think there has ever been a tool that was so much fun, and so effective.

If you haven’t tried Virtual Agent, do so today, you‘ll be glad you did!

Will Cooper

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Virtual Agent – Rismedia Article

Virtual Agent Gives Real Estate Professionals an Extra Edge

Marketing tool provides real estate professionals with instant property data

RISMEDIA, August 2, 2006

An innovative web-based marketing tool is providing Realtors? and other real estate professionals in Las Vegas and around the country with instant property data to potential clients.

Known as Virtual Agent, the service, introduced by Las Vegas-based SkyWire Media, Inc., is also easy to use. The Virtual Agent platform lets buyers choose the information they want ? and how they want it delivered to them from a standard, automated telephone prompt.

When a consumer dials (866) 831-8621 – SkyWire Media?s toll free phone number – they are prompted to enter a property code (punch in 123 after dialing the toll-free number to hear a demo). The property code, in conjunction with the toll free phone number, can be used on Virtual Agent rider yard signs as well as in print and web advertisements. The Virtual Agent system will then deliver the property information, including up to six photographs to the potential homebuyer?s mobile phone.

Buyers can also take advantage of several other Virtual Agent system options. These include the ability to listen to a detailed description of the property, listen to agent recorded remarks about the property, as well as requesting to be immediately transferred to the agent?s phone for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Key advantages for real estate professionals include:

Receive email as well as text message notifications of new activity on properties

The notifications provide detailed information on the potential homebuyer, which results in more credible leads

Users can log in to an online account at to review leads, order new yard signs, archive sold properties and more.

Virtual Agent utilizes both SMS text messaging and IVR technologies that help enhance the marketing potential for real estate agents. Anytime real estate professionals have an active buyer accessing a Virtual Agent-enabled listing, they are notified either via mobile SMS, email, or both. It automates the pre-sales experience so the agent can spend more time closing deals. Virtual Agent also dynamically creates web page feature sheets for each listing.

The service is cost-effective for users, eliminating paper flyers that are expensive and generally provide a low number of leads.

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Where is your next client? Next to their mobile phones!

Cell phones are becoming much more than phones. They are web browsers, MP3 players, contact managers, planners and all around robust communication devices.  Some of the statistics are just amazing. Did you know, there are over 250 million cell phone users in the United States?

The way we all us our cell phones is evolving quickly! Each year an increasing number use their cell phone to connect to the Internet, check email and more. So many of us today are using our cell phones to gather information, and this is sure to increase.

When you consider all of this, ask yourself what you or your company are doing to get your property information to the cell phone of home buyers and sellers. How would you like to send property information out to potential buyers by TEXT MESSGAGE? Have you stopped to notice the massive increase in text messaging?

How would you like to be able to send INTERIOR PHOTOS and VIRTUAL TOURS of your properties out to the cell phones?  Check out Virtual Agent! Virtual Agent is an innovative lead generation tool using the latest in mobile technology.

What I’m seeing now in this market, is a major push to save time and money. But not at the expense of neglecting new business.  In today’s climate prospecting needs to be efficient, produce results and lead to actual closings.  If you agree with that, do yourself a favor and discover what Virtual Agent can do for you and your business. 

With Virtual Agent, you can replace your traditional paper flyer with the Virtual Agent rider sign and save yourself time and money.  More importantly, you’ll find that you generate quality leads that lead to increased closings, all while building a very intimate prospecting list.  You will also find that Virtual Agent is a powerful tool to include in your arsenal when prospecting potential sellers.  With Virtual Agent potential home buyers are able to interact with the home while they are driving past the property using the one tool that tends to always be on your person, the mobile phone.  Your clients and potential customers are always on the go.  With Virtual Agent, you can keep them where you want them… in your pocket.

Will Cooper – Your fellow Realtor for over 18 years.

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