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Success Story from Timothy Pantle, Coldwell Banker

On one of my most recent listing appointments I was going up against a well known listing agent.  The seller said this agent has been trying to get him to sell his property for quite some time but according to the trust the seller had to interview more than one agent.  At that point I asked the seller if this other agent was going to use the latest technology to get information to potential buyers as they were sitting outside his house.  He said the other agent didn’t say anything about getting info to buyers cell phones.  I then asked the seller to take out his iPhone and dial the Virtual Agent number.  In a matter of seconds he was looking at a home I had listed in Lincoln for $800,000.  He was impressed that I would use the same expensive technology to sell his $150,000 property.   That alone got me the listing.

Timothy Pantle
Coldwell Banker

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Success Story from Donna Sturla, Coldwell Banker

I recently listed a duplex on a dead-end street where I expected very few people to drive by. I had at least six hits on my Virtual Agent rider, and from those I connected with several peoople. I am now working actively with one of them, to find a home, and another wants to buy a duplex in two months.

Also, I had a listing about four months ago, and had a number of hits on the rider; from one of them, I gained not only a client but we have already closed a transaction on a home !  I really believe that Virtual Agent is an awesome tool for increasing our leads.

Donna Sturla
Coldwell Banker

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Success story from David Jennings, Coldwell Banker

About a year ago I noticed Dirk Dahl was using these riders in the Whitfield Estates area.  He and I have pretty similar business models so I asked him about them.  He was quite satisfied but you know how the “day to day” goes…I never pursued the technology.

So, when it was introduced to our office I knew exactly what it was and immediately put up about 5 or 6 as a test.

One Saturday morning when I was opening up a house for a later showing I rec’d an e mail that someone had just called on a Patterson Drive listing.  Being behind the wheel and only a few blocks away I decided to drive by and see if they were still there.

A Mini Cooper was sitting out front so I pulled up along side of the car in the opposite direction.  I kept my distance so as not to alarm anyone.  I rolled down my window and held up my Blackberry.  This woman rolled her window down and I said…”Excuse me but I am testing out this new technology and I am wondering how long ago you called that toll free number?”

She replied “OMG!  Less than 60 seconds ago and I am looking at these pictures right now!”  I think she could see the sincere delight in my face which probably dispelled any thought I was a stalking her.

Anyway, making a long story short…we talked for a couple minutes car to car.  Then we took a look at the house she was calling on.  After determining it was not right, we went off to see another.

She is back home now which is 3 hours away but still shopping.  I have set up an electronic search profile for her and we have talked regularly over the past two weeks.

We wrote one offer which did not result in an executed contract but I fully expect to see her in a contract by late March which is her most desired time frame.

If she did not have the opportunity of making that call I expect she would have spent the morning writing addresses down only to go back home in the afternoon and spend the evening searching  This way, she actually saw a few houses and met an area expert further qualifying the neighborhood.

David Jennings, Broker-Associate
Coldwell Banker

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“The best option for marketing that I have seen in months”

Helen Kacur, Coldwell Banker:

Thank you for bringing the CB Connect program to our intown office in Atlanta. It is the best option for marketing that I have seen in months. I was at a party just last weekend with people who were talking about how email is a time drain and talking on the phone is so 2006. And so, I welcome the opportunity to tap into mobile marketing through text messages, since text is now the preferred form of communication in 2010! So glad I attended the class.

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“[Virtual Agent] put a nice size check in my pocket”

Stephen Greenidge, Coldwell Banker:

I set an appointment to meet with a FSBO for a $500,000 listing. They had met with several agents already, so when I met with them they had already heard all of the “Traditional Marketing” techniques that agents use. But when I told them about CB Mobile Connect their eyes just lit up. They were so fascinated by the technology and how different it was that they gave me the listing. It sold in 26 days and I put a nice size check in my pocket.

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[Virtual Agent] leads are by far the best lead in the real estate and mortgage industry

Jared Schneider, Axiom Financial:

CB connect leads are by far the best lead in the real estate and mortgage industry. Can you really ask for a more qualified lead than a person who is out actively calling on properties and requesting for more information?  Internet leads are expensive and are most of the time non-exclusive. People are clicking all over the web and requesting “free info”. Leads coming from CB connect are real potential clients that are most of the time only calling on a few properties at a time. Figure out the ROI for yourself and you’ll see how this program is a no brainer.

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I took one of the riders with me to ‘wow’ some potential sellers. They loved it! The seller said, ‘This is slick.’

Elizabeth Vasti, Coldwell Banker:

Elizabeth Vasti

Dear Carol,

Just a quick note to encourage you as you market your virtual agent riders:

About a month ago, I bought five of the riders, just to try them.  At first, I wasn’t getting any calls, but now the buyers have started calling.  In one week, I had five inquiries on only two riders.  Of the five, I was able to put two buyers into my Listingbook account.

Today, I took one of the riders with me to “wow” some potential sellers.  They loved it!  The seller said, “This is slick.”  That was before I showed him how his name and phone number showed up on my phone immediately.

I wish you all the best as you market this great tool!  I love virtual agent.




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Jim had a prospect call him off the rider and they are working with him exclusively for a $200,000 purchase

Sue Flaig, Coldwell Banker, Florida:

Carol, once again, thank you for the extra effort you gave my agents yesterday.  I thought you’d enjoy a little story.  Jim Chapman, new agent (experienced in sales in other fields previously) subscribed to Virtual Agent the first time you presented to my Clearwater group.  He’s the one I told the story about to the Tarpon group… he was so excited and wanted to show me what a super tool it was and did demonstrate it for me.  Well, the attached message came with a photo of the For Sale sign with the 866 rider attached to it (his first listing already under contract in less than 25 days).  Jim had had a prospect call him off the rider, he has ‘captured’ them and they are working with him exclusively for a $200,000 purchase.

How’s that for a success story!

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I’m loving Virtual Agent and looking forward to beating out my competition again!

Robin Kaplan, Coldwell Banker, California:

Good Morning John,

I wanted to thank you for introducing our office to a fabulous new marketing product that has already generated business for me.

Virtual Agent was able to convert a seller who was going to list with my competition the day it was presented at our office meeting. Right after our meeting I sent an email to this client asking them to test drive the product using the virtual agents demo site. They were so impressed with this unique marketing tool, they immediately called me to let me know they were listing with me right away.

These sellers could see that this marketing tool provided excellent quality photos instantly to their cell phone and allowed me to capture the buyers contact info unlike conventional flyers on the sign.

I’m impressed with the cost of Virtual Agent vs color flyers that disappear from the sign box without the ability to stay connected to the buyers who take them.

I’m loving Virtual Agent and looking forward to beating out my competition again!

PS…This listing went pending in 7 days!!!

Thanks Again,

Robin Kaplan
Coldwell Banker


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[Virtual Agent] is a product that agents should utilize to maximize their marketing potential now and in years to come.

Laura Lanke, Coldwell Banker, Wisconsin:

On May 27th, 2010 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – Wisconsin Region held its annual Marketing and Training Expo. The expo was attended by approximately 120 agents and Managers, featured a number of topics and break-out sessions one of which was conducted by Scott Tanner – CB Mobile Connect. Scott’s session was one of the agent favorites as it brought a new facet of marketing that was embraced with great enthusiasm. Scott’s presentation was very professional and informative; a welcome addition to the day’s events. CB Mobile Connect is a product that agents should utilize to maximize their marketing potential now and in years to come.

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The sky is the limit to how many leads you can generate

John Leles, Coldwell Banker Managing Broker:

John Leles


Your presentation was fantastic. The Virtual agent is incredible, and definitely a listing tool. I am so excited that a lot of my agents immediately signed up with your company. I really see a vision of this being huge for the agents even the ones working with buyers. I was very impressed with being able to tract all of the text message and hits onto my site. If I was back into sales this would definitely be the tool for me to have. I know many more of my agents will sign up for this great program. I really believe that the sky is the limit to how many leads you can generate.

Thank you again Scott for such a great presentation of a great tool.

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Your product was an eye opener and a refreshing angle for the seller

Tony Fennoy, Lyon Real Estate, Sacramento:

The presentation that I had on Sunday went well and I got the listing.  Your
product was an eye opener and a refreshing angle for the seller.  They
thought it was a good idea for buyers to obtain info on the house.  They
were impressed with the presentation.

Thank you

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[As a listing tool, Virtual Agent] sealed the deal in the face of three competitors

Robert Fling, Lyon Real Estate:

I thought that I would share my first listing presentation using Virtual Agent. As I conclude my listing presentation I close with my “11 unique reasons you should list with me”. I now have number 12 as the closer: the Virtual Agent demo.

This was a 60 something tech savvy client that was blown away with the potential of reaching and capturing mobile enhanced buyers in favor of just the use of passive flyers. I used portions of your presentation and then showed him how it works. It sealed the deal in the face of three competitors.

This was especially potent because this home is in a gated community and the sign will be outside the gate at a convenient location for viewing for all.

As another anecdote, one seller asked me if I had any new marketing ideas for 2010 that would get us more showings. I am going to use Virtual Agent to not only address that point but also to prompt a price reduction. I have baited the hook and am waiting for my review meeting with them.

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I encouraged her to take a [Virtual Agent] sign with her to use in her presentation. She wound up getting the listing.

Brianne Hill, Marketing Coordinator, Coldwell Banker:

As I mentioned before, I had an agent who was going to a listing presentation the next day for a couple that was interviewing four agents from different companies. I encouraged her to take a Coldwell banker connect sign with her to use in her presentation. She wound up getting the listing. I definitely believe that a part of that was her ability to show how tech savvy Coldwell banker is and how we’re on top of the market.

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I am working on a loan RIGHT now that came from [Virtual Agent]

Mark Wright, Axiom Financial, LLC:

Hey Guys

Just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know that I am working on a loan RIGHT now that came from CB Connect.  I was thinking of you as I am working on it.  Of course it is not closed yet, but clients thought that there was no way they could get a house, little did they know that they have great credit and we get them a Utah Housing loan for first time home buyers with no money down!!

Anyways, just thought I would share the word! This tool works we just have to be patient sometimes I guess!!!


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An effective and professional service, at extremely low cost, for property marketing and lead generation

Brett Poulsen, Broker/Attorney:

My name is Brett Poulsen and I am a real estate broker and real estate attorney in Salt lake City, Utah.  I joined Virtual Agent a little more than one year ago.  I have been very impressed with Virtual Agent.  It offers an effective and professional service, at extremely low cost, for property marketing and lead generation.  The instant that a potential buyer calls for information on one of your properties, they receive it, text and pictures to their telephone, and you are notified, via text and email, of their telephone number for additional follow up at your convenience.  Let’s see your more expensive outside flyers provide these benefits.

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[Virtual Agent] is an amazing tool for both realtors and loan officers

Mark Wright—Loan Officer, Axiom Financial, LLC:

Coldwell Banker Connect is an amazing tool for both realtors and loan officers. I have had a lot of success with this new technology. Most people want an easy and comfortable home buying experience and how convenient that they can get most this information upfront via text. I have had a lot of opportunities to reach out to clients just by the touch of my cell phone.

The other great thing about CB Connect / Virtual Agent is that it has enabled me to better my relationships with my realtor partners. It is nice to know that we are both getting the same leads and are working together. For example, I had an actionable lead come over; I had them preapproved while the clients were still sitting in their cars at the home. I called the realtor who had the home listed and gave them the info. They happened to be out of town and had no idea that the lead came over. When I emailed the real estate agent a preapproval letter and said here is a client for you, they were ecstatic!! This client currently is searching for properties and will hopefully close soon. This tool works and I am so excited to see how it will help my business grow.

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Virtual Agent & Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage – Utah

We’ve worked hard to create new white label capabilities for our clients.  Here is the latest accomplishment from my team.  Our friends in Utah are off and running with a fully customized, white labeled version of Virtual Agent.

Here is an excerpt from the press release.  To read the entire article, visit

Sandy, UT, March 07, 2009 –(– Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Utah’s leading provider of real estate services, announced today that it is pioneering a new marketing platform that delivers property information—text descriptions, photos and video—instantly to a consumer’s cell phone or mobile device.

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This is the best add-on to my business in my 12 year career

Linda Davis, Prudential Utah Real Estate

My first experience with Virtual Agent was actually a test before I signed up. I was able to get my hands on a sign and take it on a listing presentation where I was competing with 5 other agents. After viewing the home I explained to the seller that most all agents do the same thing to get a home sold, flyers, mls, tours, web pages, there was really nothing to differentiate agents aside from personality and experience.

However I had found a new tool that would allow me to stay in touch with potential buyers instead of sending them off with a flyer and having no communication with them for the future events of selling a home, like price reductions, open houses etc… After demonstrating the virtual agent I was still a little unsure of its potential as a listing tool as the seller said they had one more interview that was already promised for the following Saturday night.

Well sat came and went Sunday came and went and on Monday morning the seller called me and said that they were so impressed that I had something different to offer that they wanted me to list the property. Needless to say I hurried into the office and called the rep to sign me up. This is the best add-on to my business in my 12 year career.  Thanks Virtual Agent …

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