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Mobile set to become most dominant medium

Here is a great article that explains the exponential growth of mobile  into more and more facets of our lives:

Mobile set to become most dominant medium

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Mobile Marketing – Stats

  • Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones in use, 1.08 billion are smartphones and 3.05 billion are SMS enabled
  • By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage
  • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons
  • 91% of mobile internet access is to socialize
  • 200 million YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices each day

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Get ready for the year of mobile marketing!

I came across an interesting article with some great statistics and predictions about mobile marketing this year:

Mobile marketing spend to increase 59pc in 2011: study by Giselle Tsirulnik

From the article:

“The study found that a whopping 88 percent of brand marketers will use mobile marketing techniques in 2011. Seventy-five percent plan to increase their spend on mobile marketing initiatives by an average of 59 percent. In 2010, 62 percent of marketers used some form of mobile marketing for their brands.”

Mobile marketing is becoming an every day part of all our lives.  We are constantly surrounded by mobile devices, and so are our customers.  What are you doing in 2011 to increase the frequency and effectiveness of your mobile marketing efforts?

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The future of mobile apps and the mobile web

Here’s a great article that discusses the mobile web experience, the flaw in current enterprise app development strategies, and where things are headed in the future:

Mobile Web Users Are Ready For Enterprise Development

There are several major operating systems on smart phones. A robust app campaign involves developing a separate app for each of these.  Needless to say, this is extremely expensive and time-consuming.  However, with smart phones becoming so advanced and more and more devices becoming HTML 5 ready, the author sees a huge shift in this development process.  By creating a mobile web app, enterprises can develop “a device-agnostic mobile Web experience.”

Read the article for some great examples of the many problems facing enterprise mobile strategies and how he believes this can be tamed by looking to the future and adopting the new emerging standards.

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“SMS is dominant mobile marketing vehicle”

Good article from Mobile Marketer about the important role text messaging plays in mobile marketing:

SMS is dominant mobile marketing vehicle: Epsilon exec

A few highlights:

  • “SMS will remain the dominant marketing channel in mobile even as more advanced technologies crowd the space”
  • “Mobile can be easily integrated into email, print and Web site campaigns by using a mobile messaging campaign to connect all of these mediums to single or multiple promotions.”
  • “… there are numerous ways to use the SMS platform to engage and excite customers. Some examples include alerts and reminder programs, loyalty programs for special giveaways and coupons, direct text to screen used at large events to drive audience participation, and location-based messaging.”

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Good article on successful marketing strategies

Here is an excellent article from Mobile Marketer on successful marketing strategies:
Mobile video ads perform 100 times better than online video ads: iVdopia

Some key points:

Why/how should a brand integrate mobile advertising into its 360-degree marketing strategy?
A successful marketing strategy includes a mix of marketing mediums or channels to be considered.

However, studies have shown that the combination of mediums or multichannel communications has proven to be very successful.

However, I will say that mobile advertising is proving to be an extremely effective advertising medium, allowing portability and giving users the ability to interact and experience the “depth” of the brand like no other medium can while allowing them to share their positive experiences with others.

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Baylor University Study on Lead Generation

Baylor University has published a very insightful study entitled “Lead Generation – What Really Works?”  This is highly recommended reading.  Especially interesting is the difference between where most respondents place their effort or spending in creating leads and what really pays off the most in generating those leads (go IVR!).  The study also goes into what the most successful agents are doing differently, the effect of faster vs. slower follow-up on lead conversion, and how people are succeeding in a “tough” market.

The entire study can be found here (document will open in new window).


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Def Leppard Knows What We Know!

Last night I took a Rock and Roll trip down memory lane at the Usana Amphitheater while watching Def Leppard perform all of their hit songs from the 80’s and 90’s. Cheap Trick and Poison warmed up for them. What can I say? It was awesome! They may be old but they still can rock!

After Poison finished up with ‘Nothin’ but a Good Time’ and before Def Leppard came on, the MC of concert (some local DJ) held up an autographed Gibson V guitar, signed by all the members of the bands. He yelled out to the crowd of about 10,000 and said, “ who would like to win an autographed guitar”?!! The crowd cheered.! Maybe they thought he was just going to throw it at some random person. Then the MC said, “ok, grab your cell phone and text def leppard to 32411.” He repeated the instruction and I looked around to see thousands of fans pull out their phones and start dialing.

Now, being in the business I’m in, I knew exactly what was going on and why. WHAT was going on? All of those fans cell numbers from that show were being captured. WHY? Because Def Leppard knows what all of us at Virtual Agent know!  Mobile marketing works!

I’m going to go pop in Def Leppard’s Pyromania CD…. Back then didn’t have cell phones.  So, yeah… I may be getting old but I can still rock too! I know a good thing when I see it. Looks like Def Leppard does too!

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